Our Brand

Welcome to the Artists Rifles Brewing Company, a Beer company like no other. With many mainstream beverage companies chasing elusive youth culture by buying celebrity endorsements, Artists Rifles sets itself apart by acknowledging the true craftsmen who use their tools to inspire, create and motivate.

Artists Rifles is a community, viral driven brewing company who work with and support genuine masters of their craft. Artists from bike, film, art, freesports, music and media are all part of how this company talks to its audience and develops its market presence. From surfboard to stencil, mountain bike to microphone, the leading lights from these genres and other realms of youth culture are all co-owners of the company, spreading their word and not the word of a high priced London marketing agency who understand ‘the youth of today’.



Our Beer

The first beer in the Artist Rifles range is a contemporary Pale Ale designed, brewed and bottled in our North Devon Brewery drawing from the area’s Craft beer heritage. Using water from local sources and brewed with Pale Ale Malt, Cara, Challenger & East Kent Goldings Hops, it is an incredibly refreshing, crisp pale ale with spicy notes that is always best served chilled.

Artists Rifles Pale Ale is currently available in 330ml bottle and on draught at finer retailers and drinking establishments throughout the UK. Further brews, clothing and an accessory line are also currently in development …watch this space.

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